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Let the luxuries of Japan fill your heart with richness.

Wearing expensive clothing, driving an expensive car, and giving an expensive gift.
There was a time when those were the things that we considered to be a luxury.
Although those days have long passed,
People still think of expensive things when they hear the word “luxury”.

We would like Japan to become a country where people equate luxury
to the the joy of spending time with those they love or being inspired by their interactions with others
rather than with material things.

This is the premise on which Relux is operated.

We will continue to offer our services
until it becomes second nature for people to want to spend time with their loved ones in the wonderful ryokans and hotels all around Japan,
We will continue to provide our services to many people.

Until every person starts equating relaxation with luxury.
We would like to take on the responsibility of planning your trip.

New Relux

Our mission is to help you see that comfort is the ultimate luxury,
by providing you with an unforgettable travel experience.
It has been 3 years since we started offering our services, based on our mission and hopes for the future.
In July 2016, we renewed our brand logo.

The color of our brand is blue, Japan's traditional color.
We have named this particular color [Relux Japan Blue]
to show our determination to become Japan's top booking service provider.

The seven lines on our logo represent the days of the week,
the biorhythm of our bodies when we are having fun and when we are at ease,
as well as the images of soft blowing wind, drifting clouds, and swaying trees.

We designed our logo after the many images that accompany travel,
Whether it be on a sunny day, an unsettling foggy day,
a rainy day, or a snow-filled day,
Relux will always be by your side.

Traveling heals you, gives you courage, and makes you smile.
We at Relux will continue our efforts to
ensure that each guest experiences travel in a special way.

The Relux brand logo manual can be viewed from the link below.
When using our logo, please read through the rules in the manual carefully and use it appropriately.