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With Relux, you can earn up to 6% in Relux Points, depending on your membership status!

Relux Points can be accrued through your lodging history and by introducing friends to become Relux members. Depending on your Member Status tier, you can earn as much as 6% back in Relux Points from your accommodation rates! The accumulated Relux Points come out to 1 point = 1 yen and can be put toward your next reservation made through Relux.

How to earn Relux points

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When booking

When you stay and check-out having used Relux, you can get up to 6% of the fare back as Relux Points, depending on your 'Member Status,' to put toward future reservations.

Search for accommodations

When referring a friend

When your referred friend checks out of their Relux stay, you will automatically receive Relux points worth ¥5,000.


Period of time until you receive

When booking

Booking on Relux

Stay and check-out

7 days after

Receive Relux points automatically

When referring a friend

Friend booking through Relux using the referral coupon

Friend's stay and check-out

7 days after

Receive Relux points automatically

Notice regarding use of points

Q1. Can Relux points be used towards anything other than the accommodation cost?
No, Relux points can only be used towards the total booking cost at a rate of 1 point = ¥1. Points cannot be used towards meals, spas, or gifts purchased over the phone or at the accommodation.
Q2. How long are the Relux points valid for?
Relux point expiration is determined to be 1 year from either the last date of issuance or the last date of usage. If there is no activity for 1 year, the points will become invalid.
Q3. Can I use my Relux points and Relux coupons simultaneously?
No, Relux points and Relux coupons cannot be used at the same time.
Q4. What will happen to my Relux points if I cancel my booking?
Q5. How do I check my Relux points balance or usage history?
You can check your Relux points balance and see your history on your My Page.

In case you could not find your answer above, please feel free to contact Relux concierge desk.

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